About Us

The Parent Mentor Program is based on the Exchange Parent Aide model.

The Exchange Parent Aide Program began in 1979 as a way for the National Exchange Club to help communities.

Today, Northeast Michigan has  been given the opportunity to use the Exchange Club Model Program that is designed to help families use their strengths to create a positive, safe, and loving environment for their children.

What is a Parent Mentor?

The Parent Mentor is a trained Professional who provides supportive and educational in-home services to families. They help parents learn to build self-confidence, self-esteem and coping skills. Many parents benefit from understanding the developmental needs of their children, while learning how to manage their home environments.

What will the Parent Mentor do to help my family?

The Parent Mentor will meet with parents weekly in their home and help them develop a family-centered plan. The plan includes setting goals that focus on four main areas:

Child safety

Problem solving skills

Parenting skills

Social support

The Parent Mentor may also help the  family with other needs such as:

Accessing community resources

Making social contacts

Family health and nutrition tips

Household management tips

How do I get started?

A family can be referred by an agency or they can refer themselves. After receiving the referral a Parent Mentor contacts the parents and schedules a home visit. The first home visit gives the Parents and their Mentor time to get to know each other and discuss the family’s strengths and needs.Then, together the Mentor and the Parents create a Family Plan that identifies and develops strategies to help the Parents meet their goals.

How long will I be in the program?

The Parent Mentor provides weekly one-hour home visits to families for 8-12 months. Parent Mentor services end when the family has met their goals or decides they no longer wish to be in the program.

How do I qualify?

The program is open to families who have an interest in learning more about parenting and would like a mentor to visit them in their home. Families must have at least one child age birth to twelve years.

How can I get more information on the Parent Mentor Program?

Please contact Stacy Levitt-Ruby Parent Mentor Program Coordinator

Phone: 989-916-9322

Email: levitt-rubys@cfsnemi.org

Mail: Child and Family Services

Parent Mentor Program

1044 US 23 North

Alpena, MI 49707